How to print wirelessly from phone to A400 printer (Bluetooth)


1. Charge the printer for more than 4 hours for the first time.

2. Normally, Bluetooth is available in 5 meters distance, make sure phone and printer as close as possible and less than 5 meters.


1. Search for "Herelabel" on App Store or Google Play and install.

2. Tap "Not connected" on right top corner. Allow app access "Location" "Bluetooth" permission for searching printer to connect.

3. Tap "HM-A400-xxxx" to connect.


4. Tap "PDF Print", tap file to open.


5. Set Length, Width as needed, for shipping labels, length as "150", width as "100", then tap "Complete" to continue.

6. Set "Print copies" as needed, "Paper Position" as "Left", then print.

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