How to set up Lan printer using Windows computer

Before set up LAN printer, install the driver first. Then, connect the printer to the router or computer by LAN cable, open the program “POS Printer Test” to set IP of the printer.

  1. Power on the printer and connect to the windows computer via USB cable.
  2. Install the windows driver by steps.
  3. Check your IP address of computer.
  4. Open the program “POS Printer Test”, input new IP (same as your IP address of computer but change the last digits, as bigger as you can, such as 233), then click on “Set New IP”.

  1. Unplug the USB cable, connect the printer via LAN cable.
  2. Go to “Settings”-”Device”-”Printers&Scanners”-”POS-80C”/”POS-58C”, click on “manage”, click on “Printer properties”, select “ports”, click on “Add Port...”, select “Standard TCP/IP Port”, then click on “New Port”.




  1. Input new IP as set before, click on “Next”, click on “Finish”, Click on “Close”, Click on “Apply”.

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