How to set up on Windows

1.Connect the printer to the computer or laptop. This can be done wired through the USB cable or wirelessly through Bluetooth.
1.1 USB connection

1.2 Bluetooth connection

2.Download the printer driver files from our website: Follow the installation steps pictured below. 

Note: This step will be completed automatically for those who complete the installation using the USB connection.
For those who complete the installation using Bluetooth, you will need to identify which port the printer is currently connected to. To do so, open the Control Panel and click on “View devices and printers” under the Hardware and Sound category. Locate the MT800 printer, right-click on it, and select Properties. Check for the Port under the Hardware tab. It will normally be connected under COM3 or COM4.


Click Finish to complete the installation.
3.To check whether the driver was installed correctly, print a test page. Go to “Settings” – “Devices” – “Printers & scanners” – “MT800” – “Manage” – “Print a test page.”

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