How to set up PL70e-BT on Windows (USB)

Before installation, power on the printer and connect it to the computer via USB cable. There is an adapter for type-c port for computer with type-c port only.

1. Browse the included U-disk or go to , download driver file and install.

2. Click on "Install the printer driver", then click on "Next"

3. Select "USB", click on "Next"

4. Select "PL70e-BT", click on "Next"

5. Input printer name, then click on "Next"

6. Wait for installation complete, then click on "Print Test Page", if the printer prints, click on "Close", otherwise, reinstall

7. Open PDF label files (it's suggested to use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC), set page size as "4x6 inch/ 100x150 mm", set Scale as "Fit to paper", then print


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