Installing PL420 driver on Windows

Download and install the Windows driver file from our website
or the included USB flash drive. Select the desired installation
destination and click “Next.”

Review the information and click “Install” to proceed.

Click “Setup” to complete the installation. When using the printer,
make sure it is connected to the same USB port on the computer
as assigned during installation.

If the tips show “Printer disconnected,” the printer is not
connected to the computer. Reconnect the USB cable to the
computer and reinstall the driver. You may also opt to try with
a different USB port on the computer.
To check the status, printing preferences, or to print a test page,
go to “Settings” – “Devices” – “Printers & scanners.” Check the
list for “Label Printer.” If it is not there, the installation was not
completed. If it is, click on it and select “Manage” – “Print a test
page” or “Printing preferences.”

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