Platform Setup Guide

 Platform Setup

1.1 Amazon

1.2 Shopify

1.3 Etsy

1.4 Shipstation

1.5 ShippingEasy

1.6 UPS

1.7 Ebay

1.8 Paypal


1.10 Fedex

1.11 Poshmark 


1.1 Amazon

There are a few different types of labels that Amazon provides for its sellers. See the information about each one below:

Amazon Customer Orders - These are orders to fulfill customer orders. You may simply leave the layout as "default" and this will produce a 4x6 label in the proper format for  thermal printers. You may choose PDF format for best quality.


Amazon FBA Labels for outside the box - These are the labels that are placed outside of the box containing your product that is being sent to Amazon's warehouse.

Amazon now support thermal printing for FBA labels. Simply choose Thermal Printing and Print your labels.



1.2 Shopify

After purchasing labels on Shopify, click on “Change Format” on the right-hand side and choose 4 x 6.




1.3 Etsy

Only USPS shipping labels can be formatted for 4 x 6 label printers.

  • Sign in to
  • Select Shop Manager.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Choose Shipping settings.
  • Select Shipping Label Options.
  • Select Format my labels for 4x6 Label printers.



1.4 Shipstation

Please follow the steps below to update your ShipStation document settings to 4 x 6. 

  1. Click on the Settings gear icon in the top right corner. 


  1. Choose the Document Options. 


  1. Click on the "Document Options" next to the "Labels."


  1. Choose 4" x 6" or 4" x 6" (w/ Packing Slip) and click



1.5 ShippingEasy

You can find easy-to-follow way on their website. Please refer to link followed.



1.6 UPS

If you definitely want to ship directly from, you need to crop labels from using “Take a snapshot” function on Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Using Adobe "Take a Snapshot" 

Download Adobe Reader if you do not have it already from the Adobe website.

Save your label as a PDF file

Open the file in Adobe Reader

Rotate the label if needed by going to View -> Rotate View

Go to Edit -> More - > Take a Snapshot

Click and drag the box over your label

Go to File -> Print 

If the preview looks good, click "Print"


Official Adobe guide: Print portion of a PDF page using Acrobat or Reader

How can I crop multiple pages in the same document at once? 

1) On Adobe Acrobat you are able to crop several / all pages together. Please see:

2) Briss is a free open-source application available for cropping PDF pages at once. It may take a little while getting used to it but once you are comfortable with it, it is pretty fast:

3) For Mac: There is a third-party company that offers software for cropping labels:


1.7 Ebay

During label purchase, select 4” x 6” PDF as label format.



1.8 Paypal

You just need to change your printer settings to a 4 x 6.

Note: For PayPal Multi-Order Shipping, please scroll to the bottom of this article for directions.

Business PayPal Accounts

To access this setting on PayPal, please

- Log in to PayPal and click the Gear Icon in the far top right corner.

- Choose Account Settings


- On the left-hand side, please choose Shipping


- Under Shipping Preferences, click Update


- Under "U.S. Postal Service Preferences," click on the Edit printer settings 


- Pick Label Printer and one of the 4 x 6 printers, such as the "Zebra TLP 3844-Z 4.0 x 6.0"


Note: PayPal stores labels as files on their website. After you change your label size to 4x6, only new labels will be created in this size. Previously generated labels will remain in the old size. You can always void an old label and when it is created again, it will be in the new size. 

Personal PayPal Accounts

  1. Login to PayPal 
  2. Visit
  3. Click on Shipping Preferences


  1. Select the Label Printer and any of the 4.0"x6.0" sizes


PayPal Multi-Order Shipping

After you are logged into your Multi-Order shipping platform, click on Edit > Settings

Choose the "Print Settings" settings from the left menu, click on the "Label Printer" and choose any of the 4 x 6 labels. To Save, click OK.



Web Version

We recommend that you use the web version of You may access it via

  1. Choose 4 x 6 in the drop down menu


  1. Click on "Print" and choose PL420ensuring that the label size is set to 4x6. 


Note: If you are using the old Stamps connect application:


Due to a software bug on connect, we need to first rename PL420 in your computer as "Zebra LP2844".

To do this on Windows, go to Control Panel > Printers > Right click on PL420 > Properties > Change the name to Zebra LP2844 and then click OK.

To do this on Mac, please go to the System Preferences -> Printers -> Right click on ThermalPrinter Thermal > Rename > Change the name to Zebra LP2844 and click Ok. 

You will need to quit and re-open it. You will now see Zebra LP2844 in your drop down menu. Pro Software software requires a few steps to successfully print to a thermal printer. This software was originally produced in late 90s and the set up steps reflect that era. Essentially, we will install PL420 as a ZPL printer. 

  1. Please download the Zebra Printer Driver
  2. After opening the downloaded file, please click on "Install Zebra Printer" 


  1. Select Zebra 2844 and click "Next"


  1. Before we can continue the installation, we need to find out which USB port PL420 is connected to. Please go to your Control Panel -> Printers and Devices -> Right click on PL420 -> Printer Properties


  1. Click on the "Ports" tab and notice which USB Port is checked. 


  1. We will now go back to the installation window and pick the same port and click "Finish" 


  1. Next, please open the software and select Tools -> Configure Printer

  1. Choose "Yes" and click "Next," and then "Finish." 


In the Packages tab, if not already selected, please select "Zebra / Eltron Type - Standard 4x6 label - roll" - Click on Print Sample or Print Postage

For your printer, please pick Zebra 2844 and click "Print" 



1.10 Fedex

The easiest way to print your shipping labels from Fedex is to use a commercial platform, such as XPSShip (free) or ShipStation (paid but great). They are approved Fedex partners and use your negotiated rates to provide you with a 4 x 6 shipping label which you can then easily print. You will also be able to compare rates from other carriers and pick the best option.


1.11 Poshmark

By default, Poshmark produces labels in an 8.5 x 11 size which won't fit correctly 4 x 6 labels.

Update your label size setting on Posh Mark to 4 x 6. 

To select your shipping label size, go to: Account Tab > My Seller tools > Shipping Label Settings


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