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About Polono

Polono is committed to protecting your privacy while providing you with access to easy and convenient to use software and services.This privacy applies to all Polono products and services.The information collected is dependent on the products and features used.Some features of Polono requires a access to Polono’s servers;by default these features include,but are not limited to,user login,label format acquisition,label template storage,software upgrade services,etc.


Information we gather

  1. Registration-When you login to our site or use our services,you may be asked to provide personal information such as your e-mail,mobile phone number,name,etc. During registration.this will establish your Polono account.
  2. Login-To access Polono’s services, you may need to login with your e-mail address or mobile phone number and password.If you do not manually logout of your Polono account after use,the software may automatically login you upon next use.
  3. Use of our site and services-We collect information about the way you interact with our product and services.This includes information about how you use our products and services,such as the features and printout devices you use,or other unique IDs,which contain information about the device on which you are using the appropriate service(including IP address,device identifier,region,and language settings),as well as information about the network,operating system,browser,or other software you use for connecting to the service.It also contains information about the performance of the product or service and any errors or problems you encounter while using the product or service.


Gathering methods

We use the following methods and technologies to collect information about how you use our site and services:

  1. Software registration and search queries:we collect the information entered in a registration form or search dialog box.
  2. Software logins:we collect standard information that your browser sends to each website you visit(IP address,browser type and language,and referral site),as well as a record of the pages you visit and links you click on while using our site and services.
  3. From software installed on your computer or other device(such as Polono):Informationwill be collected when the device returns to run ,update or improve the software.


How we use your personal information

Polono uses the information we collect to access,improve,and personalize the products and services we offer.We use the data to access and improve our products and services.This includes operating,maintaining,and improving the reliability and safety of our services,as well as developing new features and providing customer support.We also use the data to provide you with personalized features to improve your efficiency while using our site and services.


Security of personal data

Polono is committed to protecting the security of your personal data.


Security of personal data

Polono is committed to protecting the security of your personal data.We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access,use or disclosure.We store the data in computer servers that have restricted access and are located in controlled facilities.


Retention of personal data

Polono retains personal data as necessary to operate our business(including complying with legal obligations,resolving disputes,and enforcing our agreements.),provide services,perform transactions,etc.


APP permissions

  1. Modify or delete the contents of your SD card for modifying and deleting label templates.
  2. Access the exact location information (positioning using GPS and network) for connecting to the printer using Bluetooth.
  3. Access the approximate location information(positioning using network) for connecting to the printer using WIFI.
  4. Record audio for voice recognition recording.
  5. Take photos and record video for barcode scanning and graphic recognition
  6. Read the contents of your SD card for reading tag templates.
  7. Get device identification code and status for server log statistics and error analysis.


User privacy statement

  1. By downloading and accessing the software and its contents,whether directly or indirectly,you are assumed to have read these terms and conditions carefully and have agreed to comply.
  2. Text,pictures,audio,and video materials are decrypted by the user of the software.As a result,the user retains the responsibility for the authenticity,accuracy,and legality of such materials.All different sources of information are the responsibility of the publisher.The software provider provides no warranties and assumes no legal liability.
  3. If the decrypted text,pictures,audio and video materials decoded by the software violate the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties,the liability shall be limited to the following:the author or reproducers are solely responsible for their own actions,for which software is not responsible.
  4. Except as stated in these Terms of Service, the Software provider shall not be responsible or liable for any infringements of copyright or other intellectual property rights for any resulting damages caused by misuse of the software. This includes any accident, negligence, breach of contract, defamation, libel, slander, or other improper uses of the software.
  5. For net work service interruptions,interruptions caused by force majeure,or causes beyond the control of the software provider,such as hacker attacks,communication line interruptions,etc.The software provider does not assume any responsibility for any other defects that may cause the user to be unable to use the software properly.
  6. Refer to the Republic of china’s laws and regulations for issues not mentioned in this statement.When this statement is against the Republic of China’s laws and regulations,the national laws and regulations shall prevail.
  7. The copyright ,the right to modify,update and the final interpretation of the relevant statements on this website belong to Polono.


Changes to this privacy statement

We will occasionally update this Privacy Statement to reflect customer feedback and changes to our services.The revision date at the top of the Privacy Statement will be updated when changes are posted.If we make significant changes to this Privacy Statement or to the way Polono uses your personal information,we will send you a notice directly of all applied changes.We encourage you to periodically review this privacy statement to stay informed on how Polono protects and utilizes your information.If you have any question about this Privacy Statement,please contact us for more information.


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