Print issues

1. Why does the printed label come out blank, print incorrectly, or skip a label?
Cause 1: Incorrect print area.
Cause 2: Incorrect page size or print density setting
Cause 3: Label paper is upside down
1.Load the label paper, label side up, and calibrate the printer by holding down the Feed button until it blinks blue twice.
2.Check the page size and make sure it matches the label paper that has been loaded in the printer. Change the print density if necessary.
Make sure the loaded label paper, the file source, and the page size are all the same. For best results, select the 4x6 format when downloading labels from the shipping or market platform.

2.Why don’t I see the printer listed under Printers & scanners?
Cause1:This printer is NOT compatible with ChromeOS (Chromebook) or Linux and does not work with smart devices such as phones and tablets.
Cause2: The driver was not installed correctly.
Solution: The printer must be powered on and connected to the computer using the USB cable before running the installer. Try reinstalling the driver with this prerequisite.

3.Why are the labels printing out slowly or faintly?
Cause 1: Speed setting is too slow.
Cause 2: Density setting is too low.
For Windows: Go to “Settings”--’Devices”--”Printers & scanners”--”Label Printer”--”Manage”--”Printing preferences”--”Page Setup” to adjust the print speed and density.

For Mac: Open a PDF file, click on the print icon, then click on “printer preference”--”printer feature” to adjust the print speed and density.

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