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  • Tell your brand's story through images

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Tell your brand's story through images

Portable Bluetooth
Label Printer

Introducing the POLONO P31S label maker, designed for effortless one-handed operation. With its robust built-in battery, this compact marvel ensures extended usage on a single charge. Slip it into your pocket and take it anywhere with ease. Craft labels on the fly, wherever inspiration strikes. Revel in clear, ink- and toner-free printing at your fingertips.
  • Clear print

  • More icons

  • Long battery life

  • Precision cutting

  • Small and convenient

  • Inkless printing

Lightweight and portable, easy to carry

Simple white body, rounded corners, simple and atmospheric white, palm-sized body, thus bid farewell to the heavy

Large Capacity Battery
Continuous Operation

Built in Blade to Cut Labels Neatly

P31S can be used in
Home/Office/School /Store/Lab/DIY tags

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